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Introducing our law firm
turbinas de viento

Founded in 2010
We want to be an ally for your projects and requirements


Alvarez & Cía., is a law firm that supports the commercial management of the companies it advises, from a legal perspective.


Its differentiating element is rooted in the closeness and presence of its lawyers to their clients. Our main objective is to advise, develop and stimulate a vocation for service, imposing standards of excellence, both in the field of the company, as well as in the field of administration and people, giving our best effort in the integral solution of your issues.


Service, knowledge, study, strategy and good judgment are some of the attributes that characterize our office and whose objective is the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our study has developed a modern legal strategy to identify, face and provide solutions to the requirements of the companies we serve, which has allowed them to develop their personal, commercial and other activities, smoothly, with the broad and solid support and advice from our team of professionals.

Specialty Areas



We are dedicated to being an ally for your business.

From Corporate Governance and M&A to labor issues, we can cover all the legal needs that your company requires.



We specialize in energy projects, both in generation and transmission projects, as well as distribution.

We can also help you on issues of Road Infrastructure and Concessions.


Litigation & Arbitration

Our litigation & arbitration area is highly trained to take charge of all your disputes, no matter how complex they may be, achieving excellent results for you or your company.



Our Family Law area is a break for all who need help on these issues. We want the best for you and your family.



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