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Alvarez & Cia. Abogados is a law firm with a relevant presence in the Chilean market. Our objective is to provide high standard legal advice to our customers. Alvarez & Cia. Abogados serves companies and persons with excellence, offering them the best suitable solution to their problems.

Service, knowledge, tact, strategic view, and thorough analysis, are attributes that characterize our office when seeking the satisfaction of our customers.

Our office has developed a modern legal methodology to identify, assess and satisfy the needs of our customers, allowing them to focus on their corporate and personal activities with peace of mind, knowing that are supported by a knowledgeable and solid team of legal professionals.

Globalization and competitiveness have affected the way businesses are done nowadays, setting new standards and challenges. This affects as well the way that legal services should be provided to customers with global needs. Our company is prepared to be agile, serious, efficient, and accountable in this new environment. Our approach does not only focus on the common legal advice, but with innovative thinking we offer a distinctive service characterized by excellence.

Legal advice to companies

Our objective is to support your company with specialized business legal advice. We use a collaborative approach to work with our clients in order to achieve success and create value. Alvarez & Cia. Abogados counts with an experienced and knowledgeable team of lawyers with extensive experience in corporate governance in Chile and abroad, supported by a multidisciplinary professional team.

Contract Management

Contract management is one of our strengths. The success of a company depends in great measure upon the accurate and timely contracting process. To minimize risks and help mitigate potential future disputes, we support our clients during the whole process including: assistance during the negotiation, contract preparation and clauses redaction, revisions, formalization, and finally lifetime contract administration. 

Our contracting team consists of lawyers, engineers, accountants, psychologists, journalists and other professionals to ensure an excellent outcome in our services.



Legal Management in Foreign Trade.

Our organization develops specialized advice on foreign trade aimed at supporting your customs procedures for foreign trade. We offer specialized legal advice that includes administrative procedures in the National Customs Service of Chile related to infringements, claims for the improper valuation of goods or the tariff classification , legal defense against charges of smuggling, court procedures in the Tax and Customs Courts , etc. Our team is composed by experienced lawyers in issues related to Customs and Foreign Trade Law.


Legal support to human resources management


We have designed a comprehensive methodology to provide our customers with diligent legal advice related to labor issues. Rather that concentrate our efforts in the solution of labor related conflicts, we focus on the prevention of them . Our team manages the entire process: recruitment, administration, and finally the eventual dismissal of staff.  Moreover, our company provides legal representation in eventual lawsuits or controversies you can face, efficiently, safely and quickly.

                                        FOUNDING PARTNERS



Practice: Hugo serves as senior partner of the law firm Alvarez & Cia. Lawyers . He specialized in corporate and legal advice to companies and projects in different fields and specialties, such as electrical transmission lines, sub power stations, large construction contracts and services, projects of health companies, mining assembly, airlines companies, engineering projects, transportation projects, geothermal and gas stations. It also advises on matters of Aviation Law to various companies in the industry, among other subjects. Hugo has a high specialization in the areas of civil, commercial, labor and administrative litigation.


Experience: He has served as Corporate Counsel in SN Power Chile, industry of the electricity sector and its subsidiaries Norvind S.A., Trayenko S.A. and Tinguiririca Energy. He has also participated in the study, negotiation, development, commissioning and operation of the non-conventional renewable energy project named “Totoral” in the region of Valparaiso, Chile, as Contracts and Legal Affairs Manager. It also participated throughout the study phase of the “Maqueo hydroelectric project” and other projects associated with hydroelectric power like La Higuera and La Confluencia Hydropower projects. It is Member of the “Register of Directors” of the Superintendency of Pension and Director of Corporate Governance in several national companies. Hugo also is Professor at the Faculty of Law of the “Universidad del Desarrollo” of Chile in the course of Procedural Law; Professor of the School of Communications of the “Universidad del Pacífico” (Journalism and Public Relations); Professor of the “Universidad Santo Tomás” de Chile in the School of Communications (Journalism and Public Relations)


Education and Academic Degrees: Basic and Secondary Education Saint George High School of Santiago - Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences, law degree from the “Universidad del Desarrollo” of Chile, approved with distinction, ranking 8th place in his class; Master in Corporate Law (LL.M. Executive), majoring in Economics and Finance from the “Universidad del Desarrollo” of Chile; Diploma in Administrative and Economic Law and Diploma in Business Administration, both from the “Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile” and a Diploma in Public Relations (Icare).


Email: / Cell Phone: +569 7793 6581


To contact us:

Visit our website www.

Office: Badajoz Street No. 100, Office No. 1323, Las Condes, Santiago of Chile.

Office Phone: +56 (9) 34466866

Cell Phone: +56 (9) 7 793 65 81

Legal Representative: Hugo C. Alvarez Cárcamo, Attorney

hugo.alvarez @

Skype: Hugo C. Alvarez Carcamo

Hugo C. Alvarez Cárcamo

Attorney in Law

Founding Partner

Corporate Law

Court Proceedings

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